10 Best Designers in the World

The most majestic and loveliest dresses used by well-known celebrities and models were made by the best designers in the world. With their talents and unique skills, they captured the hearts of a lot of people in the local market and fashion world. Their creations became the inspiration for some people aspiring to become a designer someday.

Each design they made are being sold globally with expensive price tags. These famous personalities have shown the world how prosperous and skilled they are today. Fashion leaders such as Gucci, D&G, Armani, and Prada have succeeded to make themselves in the world of fashion. They have also captivated the hearts of a lot of men and women across the globe, especially the ones who dreamed of wearing each of their beautiful creations.

Below are some of the best 10 designers in the world today:

Giorgio Armani

He is recognized as the very first red carpet fashion designer and famous for his meanswear creations that captivated men’s desire worldwide. Armani is also the creator hind the dress of Lady Gaga for high profile events.

Ralph Lauren

All of the style of Lauren is known and extraordinary as a masterwork in the fashion world. Before he established Ralph Lauren Corporation, he worked in a retail business.

Marc Jacobs

Being a talented director, Marc Jacobs was engaged with Louis Vuitton. He started his collection designs in year 1986 and since then, he conquered the world of fashion.

Jean-Paul Gaultier

He mastered custom-fitted attire that matches all of his high-end custom designs and ready-to-wear attire. He also succeeded to achieve fame and showcase his exceptional style.

Roberto Cavalli

Known for his beautiful print style, denim, and leatherwear, Roberto Cavalli is an influential fashion stylist. After launching his trademark in 1960s, he started working on eyewear, menswear creation, and presented Just Cavalli line to a teenage audience with perfumes, accessories, jewelry, and underwear sets.

Calvin Klein

He launched his own company after he trained and studied fashion and cloth making. His company makes clothes and suits and coats.

Valentino Garavani

He created clothes for Jacqueline Kennedy, the former US First Lady. Today, the designs of Valentino hold the potential to make every lady look charming and amazing with his famous textile of the Valentino Red.

Miuccia Prada

Nobody expected that previously little leather goods store would be the most respected and well-known luxury fashion business across the globe when Miuccia Prada joined her grandfather’s company. Today, Prada supports a techno-minimalistic design.

Christian Dior

The designs Dior presented were counter to fabric-conserving clothes of the post-World War II rations and focused on the voluptuous designs. This collection was rebranded and even if he suffered backlash because of the fabric used in a suit, the public came round to all of his designs. His rebranded collection is called The New Look and it revolutionized women’s fashion.

Vivienne Westwood

SEX is her first famous line and she became inspired and fascinated by shock-value punk provided. The punk style is often included in her inspirations. Westwood became known because of her notable clients like Gwen Stefani and Princess Eugenie.

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