How to Keep Your Men’s Wardrobe Organize


A fashionable man keeps his closet organized, has a place, and utilizes the practice of ‘less is more’ Do you have a man in your life? If so, do you know what to buy him for his birthday or Christmas present this year? One of the things that he is sure to appreciate is an organized wardrobe. A well-organized cabinet will not only make him feel like a stylish man, but it also helps out with getting dressed in the mornings.

  • Keep your pockets organized. Pockets can quickly get messy with a bunch of loose change, receipts, and more! Try using an old plastic bag or some pouch to keep all the little things you might need while going in one place. You never know when you’ll be running errands and find yourself needing those essential items at any given time.
  • Use shoe racks as storage for belts, ties & socks.
  • Hang up clothes from last season, so it is easier to see what they have available this year before buying new ones.
  • Store shirts vertically rather than horizontally because they will take less room and are easy to grab out without rummaging through.
  • Store jackets and coats on the floor or in a closet near where they used.
  • Keep your shoes organized, either by color or type. Shoe racks work great for this as well!
  • Hang up clothes from last season, so it is easier to see what they have available this year before buying new ones
  • Avoid storing things that will soon be out of fashion, such as belts with holes, jeans without pockets, etc. this can make you cringe when you go looking for them later down the track. It’s better to hang those items on a hanger with other trendy accessories instead.
  • Keep your shirts organized by color in your wardrobe.
  • Keep all other clothes organized by type, e.g., T-shirts together, sweaters, etc.
  • Organize your socks into pairs, then pack all of the couples together for each day of the week. It is helpful when you are away on business and need to wear a clean pair.
  • Label your clothes so you can find them easily, like “Dinner” or “work.”
  • Hang up all ties neatly with hangers facing outwards on a wall hook.
  • Place all hats in a hatbox neatly on the shelf.
  • Keep your shoes organized by type, e.g., formal shoes and casual shoes together, etc.
  • Hang trousers or jeans up to fold with one leg over another to save space. It also minimizes creases for when you want to wear them again soon.-Remember to label each clothing item indicating what time of day it is appropriate for (e.g., “Dinner,” “Wedding”) and where you need it at any given time (“Work”). You will never again suffer from decision-making fatigue because you have already decided what to put on.
  • Out of shoes worn, so they don’t take up space in your closet or start to build up in your hallway.
  • Get rid of clothes that don’t fit you anymore! They were taking up space and making it harder to find the clothing items that suit you now. You’ll be surprised how many more options there are when crammed into a closet or dresser drawer.
  • Make sure all shirts have corresponding trousers/jeans (e.g., the button-down shirt goes with formal trousers, denim shirt goes with pieces of denim), so they can quickly go together for an outfit at any time without having to think about which top matches what bottom.
  • Hang ties and accessories on a tie rack in your closet. It is the only way to keep them organized unless you enjoy rummaging around for hours trying to find that one accessory!
  • Keep shoes neatly stored away or lined up along the edge of your room, don’t take up any unnecessary space in other places.
  • Aim at having fewer clothes rather than more because it’s easier to maintain an organized wardrobe when not over-encumbered by too many choices.

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