Why did Poor People love to buy expensive clothes?


Let’s face it, fashion is essential. People try to follow fashion trends because they want to look fashionable. If a person doesn’t get fashionable, they feel out of place in our society. To conform to modern fashion trends, people spend a lot of money on their clothes. However, it is said that only the upper class has the means to be stylish at all times, while lower-income groups have no choice but to neglect fashion needs to fulfil basic needs such as food and shelter.

Here’s are a list of why poor people love to buy expensive clothes.


  1. The need to feel fashionable

Have you ever realized how important fashion is in our society? In our world today, for a person to feel comfortable and at ease with what they wear, this person has to be fashionable. Otherwise, the person feels out of place. Fashion dictates all facets of life, from hairstyles, clothes, shoes, and even accessories, which means that people spend a lot of money every year on their wardrobe to fit in with modern trends in clothing because it enables them to fit in. The need to look stylish comes when every other individual dresses immaculately stylishly or needs their appearance or looks to stand apart from the rest of the crowd. In both cases, fashion and style enable one to achieve this goal. Clothing is used as a privileged instrument of communication. Today fashion has become an essential aspect of our daily lives, and it has also become a significant source of income for many companies worldwide. But what factors make fashion such an integral part of our society? The fashion industry and fashion media play an essential role because they keep changing the style trends, clearly showing that fashion keeps changing depending on time and place. Fashion shows help designers offer their brands and styles for clothing which helps them reach their target audience – people who like to follow fashion trends all over the world – by inviting celebrities from different countries to attend these events as famous actors, singers or sports personalities to impress their fans with their fashionable outfits.


  1. The need to fit in with others

– Have you ever wondered why poor people sometimes buy expensive clothes? The reason why they do this can be because of the need to fit in with others. People need to fit in with others. They want to be accepted by other people, usually their friends and family. They may choose to do this by buying certain products or doing certain activities associated with their cultural group. For example, it is appropriate for someone who lives in South Africa to wear a sports team scarf if they have been playing rugby at school/college/university because it shows affiliation with the “rugby culture.” Similarly, if someone were living in Australia, they would probably wear an Australian cricket cap while supporting their cricket team during a match.

People living in London may choose to wear UK, USA, or even European football shirts as a sign of their support for a specific football team. People who prefer wearing designer clothes would probably want to fit in with others, so they need to buy expensive branded clothes. Designer clothing is usually more costly than non-branded clothing, so those who cannot afford them buy counterfeit copies of the originals before showing them off to other people who will admire how great the clothes look on them.


  1. The desire to look wealthy

– some people buy expensive clothes because they don’t want others to look down on them. Many people are unhappy with their appearance, that’s why poor people buy expensive clothes. They want to look wealthy, sometimes as a self-treat, boosting their pride. Everyone wants to have a nice appearance in society and not spend money on expensive clothes.

The desire to look wealthy is not only and solely for poor people. Even rich people also want to look more affluent than they are. They don’t tell anyone that they do not have money or their salary is not enough to buy those expensive clothes because cash talks.

They keep it a secret because sometimes telling others that their salary is not enough means others will start treating you like a freeloader. The desire to look wealthy is not just buying expensive clothes but also by wearing branded stuff, shoes, etc.


  1. The need for self-expression

– The need for self-expression among generations is increasing day by day. The latest fashion trends are around them, so they cannot afford to ignore them. Designer wear gives them a chance to experiment with their looks and make an impression on others with their taste in clothes. The best part about buying designer wear is that people can easily assort different items from different designers, as most of these outfits are now available online. Unlike other products, there are no two identical designer outfits available anywhere in this world, which means everyone will be dressed differently but impressively. The designers’ motivation is to provide enjoyment and satisfaction to their customers by giving them something that expresses their personality through clothing.

One way to communicate your feelings and views is by wearing something unique that makes you stand out from the crowd; therefore, it’s essential to experiment with the latest trends by buying designer clothes readily available online in a wide range. The prices have been brought down due to the increased production, so it’s a win-win situation for all. The cool part of online stores is that you don’t have to stand in line before paying anything, and there won’t be any long queues or a huge crowd of people who will judge your choice. The manufacturers are making every effort to keep up with the fashion trends. Therefore, it’s high time to give them a chance instead of sticking to local stores that know nothing about fashion. It shouldn’t be difficult for anyone anymore. Place an order using credit card details and wait for designer outfits at your doorstep!



  1. The urge to stand out from the crowd

– The reason for this is that people are often judged on their appearance. It’s not just how they look but also by what they wear. It’s common knowledge that someone wearing an expensive suit will be treated differently than someone with a t-shirt and jeans, even if their actual work or behaviour doesn’t vary at all. The clothes you wear describe you and how other people perceive you, which is why some people feel like buying expensive items can give them an edge over others even though it doesn’t necessarily make them better than others. The statistics show interesting results; expensive clothing stores like Gucci or Louis Vuitton earn more revenue every year than green technology companies. The gap is so huge that a single Louis Vuitton store can earn more revenue in a month than an entire Tesla car company for a year, which might explain why the urge to stand out from the crowd exists.

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