Advantages of Using Motorised Blinds and Shutters

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Almost everything you see around you these days is already automated. With just a mere touch of a button, you can now do tasks that once required you to make some effort or go somewhere. Even window treatments have become more advantageous with the rise of motorised blinds and shutters.

Thanks to motorised blinds and shutters, your life is made simpler and easier. Here are the top benefits of using these motorised window treatments:

Convenience at Its Finest

Do you always find yourself going around the house every single morning just to close your shutters or blinds way before things heat up because of the sun only to follow the same path at night to open them?

Surely, you can do better and more important things with your precious time. Through motorised blinds and shutters, you can easily close or open several window treatments simultaneously with the use of just a single remote even if they are located in different rooms. To make things better, you can also use an app to set your shades or blinds to close once the sun rises then open them during sunset with no need for you to push any button at all every single day.

Energy Efficiency

Aside from being convenient, motorised blinds and shutters can also reduce your utility costs, something which is of high concern during summer months. Window treatments that used to be out of reach are now adjustable to let the evening sun in or block out unwanted heat. Once you forgot to close your shades before you leave your home, you may do it remotely so you house is not filling with hot sunlight while you’re gone.

Your House Looks Occupied

Everybody loves taking vacations. However, there’s always the concern that somebody may realize your house is empty as well as take advantage of the case. With the use of motorised blinds and shutters, you can quickly change the position of the shade through using your mobile device wherever you are. You can do this as long as you have an internet connection.

No More Reaching

There are some blinds that you have not adjusted since the time they’re installed on your windows. Behind a chair or couch or stuck in the window too high to reach, such window treatments stay in the same position, closed or open forever. If such out-of-reach blinds were motorized, you can adjust them anytime you want. Automation will let you close, tilt or open the slats on such neglected window treatments.

No Wands or Cords

A lot of people with kids or pets worry about them getting tangled in the cords or playing with the wands, which operate their window treatments. Motorised blinds and shutters get rid of the need for wands or cords, which make them both less tempting and safer to your little ones or furry friends. It can also solve the problem of the long cords being unsightly or being untangled when the blinds are open.

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