Are Chandeliers Taking Center Stage Again?

Nothing says elegance and upscale like chandeliers. From a brief history of this decorative interior piece, they define the word chandelier as a French origin chandelle which means candle. The name makes perfect sense since when chandeliers are first used in Europe at the end of the 9th century, churches use them primarily as candle holders.

The initial design of chandeliers was fairly simple; two wood boards are forming a cross, with pins at the end to hold candles made of animal fat. Later on, this famed centerpiece became a staple in castles and royal palaces, making chandeliers a symbol of triumph and social standing.

In the modern world, chandeliers are not seen solely as a mark of splendor any more, thanks to the number of designs and styles it now comes in. Chandeliers have become surprisingly versatile to work with, making them even more popular and universal for homes and establishments.

Although it’s understandable that others still get either intimidated, hesitant, or overwhelmed when it comes to the idea of including a chandelier in their living space, the key lies in the planning.

Browse a bunch of widely admired lighting websites or photos on the internet until you find different style choices you think can work for you. Once you feel comfortable about the design you are looking for, you can start securing the budget.

With tons of chandelier options out there, it’s easy to get carried away and lose your focus on the budget you set, so it’s better; and safer to have the budget secured first. You probably should consult a professional electrician if your doing multiple installation in hotels, shopping districts and commercial spaces.

There will always be established and local brands that you can go for if their style matches your taste for the actual chandelier shopping. But if you’re game for a bit of adventure, you can try checking out flea markets, resale shops and salvage yards. In these places, you’re sure to find unique vintage chandeliers.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a chandelier are: Where can and will you put it? The proper placement is so important; it can make or break your interior design. Note this one down: proportion is key!

For dining rooms, a chandelier should always be 30 inches high from the table and about 6 inches narrower than the width of the table on each side. Place a chandelier that’s too large for space, and it can feel unusual. Too small, and it’s underwhelming. Again, nailing down the proportion is the key.

A chandelier can instantly give that fancy touch to living rooms, and it makes a sophisticated view from the outside when you line them with a window. Just remember to set it slightly higher, so you don’t restrict your movement in the living.

And yes, you can also put a chandelier in the bathroom if you’re feeling extra like that. Besides making sure the design you end up having matches with your bathroom interior, you also have to keep in mind getting one that’s approved for use in wet locations.

So you see, it only takes enough planning and a handful of ideas to make it work. The fact that chandeliers never went outdated after all these years proves that everybody has a little bit of fancy in them after all.


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