The Cities of World Fashion

They say that fashion is a universal language, but not all places are equal in style. Since then, fashion scenes are thriving everywhere- celebrating diversity and unique cultures. With that in minds, we’re breaking down the list of most important cities of fashion today.


Home of the legendary sneaker boutique and the in-house label Patta, Amsterdam made its way into launching high0end sneaker brands ETQ and Filling Pieces. Amsterdam has been a hub for fast fashion, and until now, they hold its sway on the new sweet wear conversion.


The city’s fashion week is becoming more prestigious as it gets, and Paris’ legacy in high-end fashion is still indisputable. The legendary brands like Dior, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Balenciaga, and more will take your breath away. Today, the city holds its face as one of the most luxurious cities in the fashion world.

New York

Birthing the hip-hop and graffiti culture, New York is one of the most critical places for style. They are conducting a week of fashion, and it’s one of the most significant events on their yearly calendar. Also, this place has emerged the most significant shift in the way men dress.


Their famous fashion pioneers Craig Green, Londoners Jonathan Anderson of J.W. Anderson, and Mazhar Nasir, have taken over the fashion territory with their radical features on culture, race, and gender. This city may have its long way to go on the top list, but they are now making things with excellency to maintain their status as one of the most exciting places of fashion on earth for men.


Copenhagen’s designers are now producing collections after collections of high standards wearable menswear that stays in-line with their country’s heritage in tasteful and modest designs. But while they lack the same star status as Paris or London, the point is they are still making pieces remarkable and modern despite the changing fads and trends.


One of the most significant hallmarks of Sweden’s illustrious designs is fashion. They have championed a minimalism style of fashion and the ever-prevalent high-low trends. Stockholm became the incubator for Swedish designers to think and innovate. With that, it has not taken long for the city to become one of the most prolific locations of fashion in Europe.


From the punk heyday to minimalistic aesthetic styles, Berlin has been synonymous with any individual. With the rise of more and more young creatives drawn to Berlin, it looks like eventually, we’ll be hearing a more German capital of fashion in the future.


Vancouver is the home for many Canuck label that have succeeded over the years. Its American neighbourhood may overshadow Its cultural and fashion footprint; they didn’t stop developing prosperous and innovative fashion ideas of their own.

Los Angeles

The City of Angeles has been a hub for the likes of BUSCEMI, Joyrich, and Rodarte- all inspired by the city’s laid back and non-conformist attitude. However, they remain indisputable with their streetwear pedigree, classic brands and even with their contemporary brands of trailblazers.



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