Timeless Fashion Pieces That You Should Own

It seems that fashion is getting more open into men and women in any age at the turn of this decade.

You can find colours, fabrics, patterns, and textures in many different options. Accessories are a staple at any age. You will see OOTD’s at every Instagram or Facebook account from days old angels to 70-year-old grandmas. Everyone is welcome to explore the fashion world.

Although fashion trends come and go, there are timeless pieces of wardrobe and accessories that everyone should have.

Black Leather Jacket

Okay, this item can be a no to some since it’s harder to maintain in mint condition but hear us out! A black leather jacket can instantly transform your boring t-shirt and jeans look into a rockstar.

Aviator sunglasses

There is no other accessory as prominent as aviator sunglasses, especially to paparazzi magnet celebrities. Wearing one will give you a mysterious side that doesn’t want to be bothered. Proper protection from the sun and looking awesome too.

White T-shirt

A white T-shirt is hands down the go-to staple of anyone, be it men or women, kids or older people. Effortless to wear, excellent for comfort, and can be bought anywhere. A classic style that will stay even until the year 9000.


Who wouldn’t turn to a gold hoop earring or a single ladies vibe diamond ring? Even royalties have their own set of brilliance every time they appear on events. A pearl necklace looks so timeless in any woman’s attire. Even nose rings and belly button rings have their own time to shine these modern times. Having a pair or two of jewels is so worth it.

Little Black Dress

I might say this is my favourite one in this collection. A little black dress is so versatile, and you can use it on formal events, a brunch with friends and on a stroll in the park. Pair it with a comfy flat, a pump and even a good old Chuck Taylor shoe. Everything and everyone will look good on an LBD. Plus, you won’t have to worry about every stain that will get on you.

Jeans Jeans, Jeans!

Levi’s 501? 502? Name any guy or gal, and even designers. This is a no brainer, a pair of jeans, since its invention became such a staple wardrobe collection. Straight, skinny, slim, bootcut, relaxed and loose are different cut tailored for men. Bootcut, flared, wide leg, skinny, cigarette, cropped, cuffed, boyfriend, high rise and straight are for women.

Black pumps

Black pumps are the epitome of femininity. You can pair it with jeans on movie or date nights, wear it at the office, and bring one to a wedding or two. Good pumps can make you feel beautiful (not to mention taller) and transform your feet into model-like quality (we hope). Matte leather, suede or patent can be bought but always choose matte leather since it can be worn in any season.

Pencil skirt

No one will argue that the pencil skirt, designed by none other than Christian Dior himself, started it around 1954 is the finishing piece for this collection. It emphasises women’s curves, fine aesthetic legs, and the working population in general. Now you can find elastic ones for better movement and style. Pencil skirts can be seen around the world, in the street and on top of the corporate ladder.

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