What are the Newest Fashion Trends in Sydney?

by Fashion Hunter
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If you are a certified shopaholic and a fashionista at the same time, you will surely fall in love with Sydney, a true paradise for all shoppers. The city is filled with some of the most popular labels and brands as well as buzzy markets and trendy boutiques. Australian designers are also taking the whole world by storm with their out of the box take on fashion.

The city is no doubt a true heaven for fashion lovers. But, what’s the newest fashion trends in Sydney right now?

Slip Skirts

The trend of slip skirts is something you will love if you are a big fan of slip dresses. The slip skirt is not as revealing as those ultra-tight midi skirts that were trendy for the past few years. Slip skirts can be very flattering as it skims your figure and show just enough. Dress them down with boots and a T-shirt or look classy with heels and a plain bandeau.

Matching Sets

The check-print set continues to be a trend in Sydney these days when you look cooler if you are wearing a matching set. Pencil skirts are matched with crops as well as cute top and pants set. Some of these pairs are still printed but most of them are now brightly colored coordinates.

Milkmaid Dresses and Tops

Retailers are now taking on the milkmaid look and it is safe to consider this as the hottest fashion trend in Sydney right now. Adding an old school touch to the beloved summer looks, adorable milkmaid dresses and tops have some notable features such as square necks, bow ties, and puff sleeves. Most of them are also very versatile as you can pair these dresses with your favorite pair of sneakers to achieve a casual look or dress them up with your heels. Meanwhile, you can wear the milkmaid tops with pretty much everything from jeans to slip skirts.


Colors are everything this season, specifically paste shades of pink, green, yellow, purple, and blue. Why do people love this fashion trend? Aside from being perfect for the weather, this is also super inclusive. It lets you find the right shade that best complements the tone of your skin. Pastels are perfect for girls’ night out and even for cool activewear.

Bike Shorts

The fashion trends in Sydney and other parts of the world have set thin lines between sportswear and streetwear. Many labels took athleisure to a whole new level. Bike shorts perfectly wearable trends that are now going mainstream, not to mention that they are amazingly comfortable.

Color Pop Shoes

This last trend is something easy to try. Switch your black heels or black boots with brightly colored pairs. This is a good trend if you are not too confident wearing bright blue coats or bright red tops. Bright colored shoes can be paired with your jeans or even your little black dress to spice things up.

These are just some of the newest fashion trends in Sydney that are definitely worth the try the next time you walk the streets of this buzzing city.

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